Doctor says unborn baby is ‘made of glass,’ but when she’s born, her appearance stuns them all.

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Doctor says unborn baby is ‘made of glass,’ but when she’s born, her appearance stuns them all.

Like any couple, Chelsea and Curtis Lush were excited and nervous when they went into their five-month ultrasound. It was their first baby, and they hoped for a normal result.

But they discovered the baby’s skull changed shape in response to the pressure of the ultrasound wand on Chelsea’s bump. The doctors had bad news: the baby’s bones were breaking in the womb.

The couple found out their unborn daughter had a form of dwarfism called type III osteogenesis imperfecta, or “brittle bone disorder.” Their bones are extremely fragile, and children with the condition can even break their ribs from taking too deep a breath.

Babies born with the disorder often pass away from respiratory failure, and if they do survive past infancy, they spend most of their lives in a wheelchair.

The Lushes gave birth to their little girl, named Zoe, who broke several bones in the womb and shattered her collarbone during labor and delivery. But the family was determined for her to survive, even learning to splint Zoe’s bones themselves, since doctors didn’t know how to handle children with Zoe’s disorder.

But Zoe is a survivor, and is now 6 years old. See more of her story below, and be amazed at her progress and resilience in the face of profound difficulties…

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