Granny puts sign on hospital window, then ironworker is ‘crushed’ when he reads it.

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Granny puts sign on hospital window, then ironworker is ‘crushed’ when he reads it.

88-year-old Gloria Porter was spending a week at Excela Frick Hospital, passing the time by watching construction workers build the front entrance of the hospital.

On a particularly cold and snowy day, she watched the workers closely, worried about their safety. But one of the workers, Jeff Reick, had noticed their new audience. He waved to Gloria and wrote “Get well” on a building beam.

Gloria was touched that the workers had even noticed her quiet vigil over them. In response, she scribbled “Stay safe” on a piece of paper and posted it in the window.

The message in turn touched the workers, who say “Stay safe” to one another on an often dangerous job. It was exactly what they needed to hear that day, and Jeff later shared the exchange on Facebook. The sharing sparked even more kindness — a few days later, a stranger came up to Jeff with an envelope full of money for lunch.

Watch a clip about this “cycle of kindness” below, and see how the simplest gestures can lead to beautiful things…

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