Adorable baby throws hands up in air every morning, so dad adds music to hilarious routine.

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Adorable baby throws hands up in air every morning, so dad adds music to hilarious routine.

Many pediatricians recommend parents of newborns “swaddle” their babies, wrapping them up in snug blankets to help them feel safe and secure as they adjust to life outside the womb. Swaddling often helps babies sleep better, especially since they jolt and startle at night easily.

But one father noticed his newborn son Kaden had a habit of throwing up his hands in the air every morning when they unswaddled him. So Kent decided to film those moments and created a video set to music of each arm stretch over a period of time.

The result went viral, with people not only falling for the adorability of Kaden, but the joy and happiness the baby expressed with each stretch. See for yourself below — maybe it’ll inspire all of us to begin each day with a good stretch and positive attitude…

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