Wife asks husband if they still have a ‘spark,’ but his response leaves everyone laughing.

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Wife asks husband if they still have a ‘spark,’ but his response leaves everyone laughing.

Weddings are not just celebrations of a marriae, but occasions where we reflect on the role that partnership and love play in the larger human story. We think about love and marriage, and what it takes to sustain a lifetime bond with someone.

Some wedding traditions canvass guests for their well wishes and advice for the newly married couple. Most of these sentiments are standard fare: be patient, learn to compromise and be kind.

One set of grandparents at a wedding, though, had a decidedly more quirky take. Married for 65 years, they clearly had some advice to give or stories to tell an inquiring videographer of the festivities.

The wife answered with a sweet sincerity, appreciating her choice of right partner. The grandfather, though, upended expectations with a funny, frank answer to the question, “Is there still a spark after 65 years?”

Watch him below, and witness a sweet, honest answer that shows both humor and acceptance of each other’s gifts and foibles…

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