Hiker spots a dying black bear on his hike, breaks the law in order to save the bear’s life.

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Hiker spots a dying black bear on his hike, breaks the law in order to save the bear’s life.

Corey Hancock was on his regular hike near the Santiam river in Oregon when he spotted a small bear. The cub was dying, judging from the bear’s emaciated frame and lethargic reaction, and had either been abandoned by his mother or shot by hunters.

Corey didn’t know what to do. He stayed near by but hid himself, waiting for the mother to appear. But after 10 minutes, no other bear appeared, so Corey wrapped the animal in his shirt and carried it to his car, which was over a mile away.

Corey gave the bear CPR since it was so lifeless, and then posted on Facebook, asking for advice on what else to do. He took a suggestion to take it to a rehab center for wildlife, Turtle Ridge Wildlife Rehab, which opened its doors just for Corey and the cub.

The bear was cared for and given food and medical care. Corey visited the bear days later, and happily discovered the animal was happy and lively. The bear was christened Elkhorn, and likely would not have survived if not for Corey’s kindness and dedication.

Many states have laws prohibiting the inference of humans with wildlife, but Corey received only a warning. Despite this, Corey says he’d do it all over again.

“I feel a special bond with that bear,” he told Inside Edition.

Watch Corey and Elkhorn’s story below, and see what happens when we don’t give up when others need our help…

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