6-year-old spots man lying in parking lot, begs grandma to stop car and won’t take no for an answer.

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6-year-old spots man lying in parking lot, begs grandma to stop car and won’t take no for an answer.

Carolyn Cook was driving around looking for a spot in a Lowe’s parking lot in Franklin, Virginia, when her six-year-old grandson Karter Thorpe called out from the backseat.

Karter wanted Carolyn to turn the car around — he thought he saw a man lying on the pavement next to a truck.

Carolyn thought Karter was just seeing things as a result of an overactive imagination and kept driving. But Karter insisted she stop. Carolyn decided to turn around and show Karter he was wrong but then realized the little boy was right — a man really was lying on the ground.

Carolyn got out and checked on the man, calling 911 as another passerby performed CPR. The man was rushed off by an ambulance when it arrived on the scene — he had suffered a heart attack, and Karter’s insistence on stopping likely saved his life.

The man — whose family wishes to remain anonymous — reached out to Carolyn and Karter on Facebook to extend their thanks. Carolyn herself is grateful to have such a persistent, observant grandson.

“I still get weepy. I’m just thankful. Thankful that God put me in that parking lot when he did,” Carolyn told CBS. “[Karter] would not take no for answer; he was determined and I’m glad he was.”

Watch Karter’s story below, and remember the importance of speaking out, no matter what…

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