Homeless teen’s shocking confession drives football coach to take action.

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Homeless teen’s shocking confession drives football coach to take action.

High school football player Rodrick Jackson has dealt with more than most people his age. The wide receiver/defensive back is a senior now, but spent part of his sophomore year homeless.

He had no one to count on. Estranged from his mother, he had no idea where his father was either. “I have nobody,” he told his football coach Adam Fisher.

“I had reached my wit’s end,” Rodrick told KXLY. “I got tired of how I was living life and wanted more structure, love and care. He [Fisher] had always been straightforward with me. I felt like there was nobody else I could ask that could help me.”

The Spokane Valley, Washington-based coach took on the responsibility placed upon him. He and his wife Jolene gave court-supervised oversight of Rodrick, and the teen moved into his family home with the couple and their two daughters, welcomed as if he had always been one of the family.

Rodrick flourished with the Fisher family. His grades improved dramatically and he grew healthy and strong. He’s now in a position to follow his next dream: playing football at the collegiate level on a scholarship.

Watch Rodrick and Adam’s story below, and be amazed at just how big of a difference a good support system can make in someone’s life…

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