Man doesn’t recognize his wife after a long surgery, tells her “Man, you are eye candy!”

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Man doesn’t recognize his wife after a long surgery, tells her “Man, you are eye candy!”

Jason Mortenson was coming back to consciousness after going under anesthesia for surgery. Things were a little woozy, but he still noticed when a beautiful woman walked into his room.

“Did the doctor send you?” he asked her, thinking she was a nurse and marveling at her beauty. “Who are you? What’s your name?”

“My name’s Candice, I’m your wife,” she explained.

Jason couldn’t believe his luck. Excited, he just couldn’t believe such a gorgeous woman would be his wife. Giggling, Candice reassured him that she was indeed his wife. In fact, she was just happy to know her husband still found her beautiful after so many years of marriage.

The story of Jason’s reaction to having such a lovely wife went viral, hitting upon a common truth about long-term relationships. After so much time together, we often take each other for granted and forget just how wonderful someone is.

Watch Jason and Candice’s story below, and see how important it is that we wake up from the haze of our everyday lives to realize just how lucky we are — and how much we have to appreciate in one another…

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