89-year-old gets evicted without warning, then neighbor slips paper into her hand.

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89-year-old gets evicted without warning, then neighbor slips paper into her hand.

Angie Tyma is 89 years old, and has lived in her home for over 35 of those years. So when her house went into foreclosure, her old age made her especially vulnerable.

Angie had let a close family friend buy her home after her husband died. She made monthly payments to her friend to cover the mortgage, but that friend stopped making payments.

To her shock, Angie came home one day and saw an eviction notice on her door and her possessions in the front yard. She found herself at a motel for the time being, but had no idea what she was going to do.

But luckily, Angie’s neighbors were keeping an eye out for her. One of them — Danielle Calder — decided to buy Angie’s home and give it back to her, free of charge.

Watch how one community banded together to help out one of their own, and see Angie’s own reaction once she realizes what they’ve done for her…

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