15-year-old singer chooses ‘impossible’ song, but her unbelievable voice wins Simon’s golden buzzer.

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15-year-old singer chooses ‘impossible’ song, but her unbelievable voice wins Simon’s golden buzzer.

TV personality and talent judge Simon Cowell doesn’t suffer fools or hide his skepticism, impatience or irritation.

So it was no surprise when Simon showed an immediate dislike for the song 15-year-old Sarah Ikumu auditioned with on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. The daughter of Kenyan immigrants, Sarah chose the powerhouse balled ‘You’re Gonna Love Me’ from the musical ‘Dreamgirls,’ which requires immense range and technical power to sing well.

Both Jennifer Halliday and Jennifer Hudson made the song iconic with their roles in different versions of ‘Dreamgirls,’ and many vocalists merely stand in their shadows when they tackle the song.

Sarah stuck to her guns, however, and revealed a musicality, power and skill well beyond her years with her own take on the song.

Watch her impressive performance below, and see just why Simon went from skeptic to pushing the golden buzzer…

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