Abandoned puppies too scared to leave cave, so rescuer crawls 18 feet into the earth to save them.

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Abandoned puppies too scared to leave cave, so rescuer crawls 18 feet into the earth to save them.

The Hope for Paws rescue organization has gained a large following on YouTube for their dramatic animal rescues.

One recent rescue was likely one of the trickiest yet, involving an entire litter of puppies, abandoned by their mother, who had never encountered humans before — and were trapped in the back of a small, cramped 18-foot cave.

Rescuer Eldad Hagar and the rest of the Hope for Paws crew tried tempting the puppies out with food, but the puppies grew frightened when they saw one of their number ‘captured.’

After a few more attempts to lure the puppies out, the rescuers decided they had to go to them. They crawled 18 feet into the ground and, one by one, pulled the terrified animals out.

The whole rescue took about one day and a lot of work, but the end number of nine puppies were saved from starvation. Taken to a nearby animal hospital, they also found themselves a surrogate mother.

See the litter’s dramatic rescue below, and witness the lengths the rescuers went to save the helpless puppies…

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