Ellen calls assistant onstage after wardrobe malfunction, then tells her to turn around.

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Ellen calls assistant onstage after wardrobe malfunction, then tells her to turn around.

Ellen DeGeneres is a TV host known for her humor, relatability and positivity. Her audience has grown to love the touching moments of generosity and kindness she shows to her many guests, who are often everyday heroes.

One of her show’s most touching moments came from her staff, however. Field producer Aaron Pinkston wanted to propose to his girlfriend Jennifer, who was a wardrobe assistant on the show. He enlisted Ellen’s help for a touching surprise.

During a show’s taping, Ellen pretended to Skype with Aaron, who seemed to be appearing live in Chicago. But then Aaron’s feed cuts out, and as producers and staff swoop in, Ellen calls for Jennifer to come out and fix her wardrobe.

But Ellen wasn’t really having any trouble with her wardrobe. Instead, she called Jennifer’s attention to the side of the stage, where Aaron was walking from, dressed in a suit. Within moments, he was on his knees.

Watch the video below to see the rest of Aaron’s sweet surprise to his future bride — her excitement and genuine shock will touch your heart…

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