Woman crashes car on rural road. Then stray dog comes out of nowhere to rescue her.

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Woman crashes car on rural road. Then stray dog comes out of nowhere to rescue her.

Shannon Lorio was out on a drive in the countryside of her hometown of Pavo, Georgia, when she curved a little too sharply on a road and found her car careening into a ditch. As the car crashed, Shannon was thrown from the driver’s seat out through the back window, landing on the trunk.

Bleeding from her face and nose, Shannon was dazed and not even sure she could walk. Alone in a remote rural area, she wasn’t even sure if anyone would drive by soon to signal for help.

But then something miraculous happened for Shannon. A stray dog appeared out of nowhere and approached Shannon, licking her face clean.

Then the dog pulled Shannon by her shirt collar up the hill and through the brush until they were back on the road. The animal even waited with Shannon until they could flag someone down for a ride. The dog, who Shannon named Hero, found his way back to a local shelter.

Shannon couldn’t adopt Hero, since she has six dogs already, but gave him gifts as part of her thanks. Eventually Hero was adopted by a dog trainer, who trained him to work as a search and rescue dog.

See Shannon and Hero’s story below to see just how universal acts of kindness are, and witness the rise of a canine hero…

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