A Russian artist created over 400 paintings by hand to make this surreal animation. Wow.

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A Russian artist created over 400 paintings by hand to make this surreal animation. Wow.

Filmmaker Dominica Harrison tells a surreal tale about the serendipitous meeting of two lonely souls who live in their own imaginary world.

When two people accidentally meet by an accident, they find themselves both lost — each in their own limbo. They wander through the landscapes of the own imagination. To get out, they must win a simple game with only one rule: the next level is just a step down.

The film is inspired by short story “Goats Eyes” by Russian author Max Frei.

Harrison created “Illusions” using a screen-printing technique, where each frame is drawn by hand, turned into color separations and screen printed on A3 sheets of paper — and then scanned back in to create an animated sequence. Over 400 screen prints were created to make this film.

Tragic accidents can lead to happy endings at 3:44…

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