Mom asks zoo to film her kids. When the camera pans left, the trainer tells them to run.

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Mom asks zoo to film her kids. When the camera pans left, the trainer tells them to run.

Nataja and Jorja are two young sisters whose father, Keith Howse, was stationed in Afghanistan for eight long months in 2011. They missed their father very much, but they went on with their lives, enjoying many different experiences with their mother.

One of these special events as a trip to the Brookfield Zoo in June 2012. They were enjoying a demonstration with the dolphins when they were unexpectedly called from the stands to assist.

The announcer mentioned over the intercom that Natalja and Jorja’s dad was serving overseas and wanted to make their experience with the dolphins extra special. The two girls got to feed and pet the dolphins up close, even touching the friendly creatures on the nose in a gesture of welcome and affection.

But then the dolphin trainer pointed across the pool, where an amazing surprise in the form of their father was waiting for them. Watch the special moment below, and take joy in their deeply happy and emotional reaction…

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