This awesome ‘First Dates’ contestant leaves viewers in tears after removing her wig.

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This awesome ‘First Dates’ contestant leaves viewers in tears after removing her wig.

Eve Betts and her date Jordan were appearing on an episode of U.K. show ‘First Dates’ when their time together took an unexpected and moving turn.

Eve and Jordan were making conversation, getting to know one another as many on first dates do. Jordan mentioned he once wore his hair in a bun when Eve, who is a beauty therapist, unexpectedly opened up about having alopecia, a condition where a body’s immune system begins attacking its own hair follicles, causing hair to fall out.

Eve started losing her hair at age three, and had never been on a date without her wig before. Then she revealed herself more fully, taking off her wig.

“I’ve got no hair. I wear a wig. And I’ve got tattoos. I’ve got alopecia so my hair just falls out,” Eve said. “I went through school and I was bullied because I had no eyebrows. I don’t ever remember feeling upset about it but I do now. It’s really hard.”

Jordan’s response was warm and gallant. “It suits you,” he told her after she removed her wig. “I like it. It’s unique.”

Eve’s confession went viral, with many people applauding ‘First Dates’ for shedding light on a misunderstood condition. Many people also loved Eve’s self-acceptance and courage.

Watch Eve’s revelation below, and see bravery in action…

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