This powerful Mother’s Day ad celebrates strong moms around the world.

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This powerful Mother’s Day ad celebrates strong moms around the world.

Mother’s Day usually involves flowers, spa gifts, breakfast in bed and other luxurious, feminine gifts. But one company celebrated moms with a unique ad spotlighting a different side of motherhood.

Workwear company Carthartt released a one-minute spot honoring the hard work, courage and perseverance of American women, touching on the achievements of Rosie the Riveter to moms who also work as mechanics, construction workers, teachers and more.

“We made this commercial because, at Carhartt, we’re inspired by strong women every day — from the women who work at our Kentucky and Tennessee facilities to the women who wear our jackets and bibs on the farms, ranches, and high rises of America,” vice president of brand creative Brian Bennett said in the press release.

“My teacher said she could build or fix anything. They said she could take on the world,” a child’s voice said over footage of Rosie the Riveter. “She reminds me of you, Mom. You’re not afraid of anything.”

The ad features other female leaders and entrepreneurs, including Adrienne Bennett, the first black female master plumber in the U.S.

While the softer side of Mother’s Day — and the love and nurturing of our moms and other maternal figures — is rightly honored, watch a refreshing take on honoring moms below and see just how tough moms really are…

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