14-year-old saves enough cash to buy $100,000 home, but Ellen is amazed by its transformation.

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14-year-old saves enough cash to buy $100,000 home, but Ellen is amazed by its transformation.

Learning to save and plan for financial goals is a crucial skill for adulthood — one that many adults still struggle with, no matter what their age.

One young teen, though, has already mastered this ability. Willow Tufano set herself a big goal at the age of 13, back in 2012. Back then, she began homeschooling and accompanying her real-estate mother on her work.

She grew fascinated with her mom’s work flipping houses and decided to save up $6,000 to get a home of her own. By selling items she found on the curb or at thrift stores, Willow slowly accumulated the money she needed.

Later her mother found a house that was listed for only $16,000 despite its $100,000 price tag. Willow and her mother was able to negotiate a price drop to $12,000, her mother pitched in half the cost and soon Willow found herself a home owner at age 14.

Willow fixed up the house and eventually rented it out for $700 a month. Her story also went viral, with many impressed with the young teen’s industriousness and savvy.

Willow eventually appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s TV show, who exercised her famed generosity and gave her some gifts, as well as $10,000 to help with landlord costs.

Eventually Willow went onto buy two more homes with her first home’s rental income — all by the age of 18.

Watch Willow’s appearance on ‘Ellen’ below, and be inspired at how smart and impressive someone can be, no matter what age they are…

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