Watch this chef make mini roasted marshmallows and other tiny delights.

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Watch this chef make mini roasted marshmallows and other tiny delights.

Some artists are amazing because they create something entirely new out of nothing. Others do work that cause us to do a double take on an aspect of life we overlook.

Yukiko Hasada falls into the latter category. She’s a miniature food artist who recreates meals and dishes using regular food ingredients, which she carves up and sculpts to create tiny, intricately beautiful meals.

Yukiko focuses on gourmet meals from around the world, ranging from French pastries to marshmallows to Japanese ramen.

The work is often painstaking: a tiny feast of six dishes can require more than 100 ingredients, for example, and take hours to make. She cooks food on a tiny doll-sized stove, and even plates the dishes with miniature flatware. She says the food even tastes the same as it does at regular scale.

Yukiko then uploads videos of her process and final work to her YouTube channel, Bistro Miniature, which is growing in popularity as word of her art spreads.

Yukiko is a housewife in Japan, but her amazing creations give her an outlet to express her creativity, ever since she discovered the world of miniature food two years ago.

“I decided to give it a try when I came across the miniature kitchen set by accident,” Yukiko says. “As with any other forms of art, sometimes my creation tends to turn out a lot better than I initially expected.”

Watch Yukiko’s creativity in action below, and see a unique artist making tiny, extraordinary work…

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