This little boy is blind and deaf. Watch his reaction to feeling the wind in his face.

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This little boy is blind and deaf. Watch his reaction to feeling the wind in his face.

Four-year-old Gideon is legally blind and can’t hear, born with a rare disorder that robbed him of full use of those senses.

Despite this, he’s still able to find moments of wonder and joy in his life, embracing the sensations that he can feel and experience.

His mother, Samantha Jolicoeur, captures these moments and posts them to her YouTube channel. One of these features Gideon enjoying the feel of wind in his hair as he rides in a car — and it’s going viral.

Sadly, Gideon’s disorder — called perosixomal biogensis disorder — means he likely won’t live past age 10, which makes moments like this all the more poignant and moving.

See Gideon below enjoy the feel of air and sun on his face, and enjoy a deeper appreciation of how simple pleasures in life are actually quite extraordinary…

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