Cruel owner stabs dog 19 times. She makes stunning recovery after rescuers shower her with love.

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Cruel owner stabs dog 19 times. She makes stunning recovery after rescuers shower her with love.

When police in Missouri responded to a call of a disturbance at a church, they were shocked and surprise to find a dog bleeding to death on the premises. The dog had been stabbed 19 times by her owner, who had a mental illness.

The poodle mix, whose name was Frannie, was immediately taken in by the Humane Society of Missouri where her pain, blood loss and shock were treated with antibiotics, painkillers and fluids.

Frannie survived, however, thanks to the efforts of her rescuers and her own strength and determination. And her story has a happy ending — the first-responder and office who found her decided to adopt her.

Once she’s fully recovered, she’ll go right to her new forever home, where she’ll experience the love and stability she deserves.

See Frannie’s story in the video below, and watch a a rescue with an ending that will warm your heart…

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