Groom waits to see bride for first look, turns around and… she’s not wearing a wedding dress.

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Groom waits to see bride for first look, turns around and… she’s not wearing a wedding dress.

“First looks” are a fairly new tradition with weddings. Instead waiting to see each other for the first time on the special day at the altar, a couple gets to look at each other before walking down the aisle together.

These can be emotional moments, but for some couples, they’re great opportunities for something more unexpected and fun.

Beth and Tom Gardner used their first look to make themselves laugh. While Tom waited before the aisle with his back turned, Beth walked up behind him…wearing a T-Rex costume.

When Tom saw what his soon-to-be-wife was up to, he couldn’t help but laugh hysterically, especially as she hopped and waddled towards him in costume.

Don’t worry — Beth still had her dress on underneath the silly costume and revealed herself to be a beautiful bride. Watch the heartwarming moment below, and see how one couple brought their own unique flair to a growing wedding tradition…

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