Ellen is about to meet a guest who’s 7 months pregnant, but has to walk off set to find her.

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Ellen is about to meet a guest who’s 7 months pregnant, but has to walk off set to find her.

When Kylie and Daniel tried to buy tickets to the Mother’s Day episode of the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ in 2011, they were too late and the show sold out.

Kylie was seven months pregnant and particularly disappointed. The Los Angeles-based couple were struggling as Daniel attended dental school and got into more student loan debt. With a baby on the way and bills piling up, they were looking forward to some fun but were disappointed that tickets had run out.

Ellen’s staff felt sympathetic towards the couple and invited them to another taping. They were taken to the ‘green room,’ where guests wait before appearing on the stage. Kylie and Daniel thought they were waited to be seated.

Little did they know Ellen had learned about the couple, as well as their situation. Watch her below as she gives them a big happy surprise — and much more…

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