Mom expects to bury ‘bright red’ baby. 20 years later, doctors can’t believe what she looks like.

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Mom expects to bury ‘bright red’ baby. 20 years later, doctors can’t believe what she looks like.

Mui was abandoned at birth by her mother in Hong Kong. She looked different from other babies, her skin mottled and discolored, and she seemed to be suffering from some condition that doctors couldn’t quite diagnose.

That didn’t stop Rog and Tina Thomas from wanting to adopt her. The couple met and got married quickly in Hong Kong, and were drawn to the baby girl when they met her through social services. They adopted her at age 3, despite her medical issues.

Mui continued to struggle, but she was finally diagnosed with harlequin itchyosis, which causes her to shed skin at a much faster rate than normal, leaving her epidermis raw, red and prone to infections.

But Mui continued to fight off her ailments, getting older and starting school, despite being bullied by others for her appearance. Sadly, the bad treatment often got to her, and she often contemplated suicide.

But she discovered her inner strength and confidence and now thrives in her everyday life, thanks to finding her passion in life.

See Mui’s story below, and see just how far having a purpose can take you…

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