Axe built its brand on male stereotypes. Now they’re trying to undo the damage.

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Axe built its brand on male stereotypes. Now they’re trying to undo the damage.

Male body care company Axe once took the aesthetic of beer ads — ‘hot chicks,’ aggressive music, and other macho cliches — and applied it to spots for deodorant, body spray and body wash.

Many thought the ads demeaned women, but now the company is changing its tack, taking on stereotypes of masculinity and how they actually emotionally damage men themselves.

After all, men are more likely to drink excessively, die from suicide as a result of undiagnosed or unrecognized depression and die earlier in general. Because men are encouraged to be unemotional, hold their feelings inside and not seek help, they can be prone to mental health issues.

Only recently has the discussion of men’s mental and emotional health — and how it’s affected by societal ideas of how men should be — hit the mainstream. Axe’s new ads and social media campaign is attempting to broaden this discussion even more.

Watch Axe’s striking new ad, and see how it’s provocative in an entirely different way from its past spots…

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