70-year-old has lived on the streets for decade, then strangers offer him a complete makeover.

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70-year-old has lived on the streets for decade, then strangers offer him a complete makeover.

Homeless people often feel like it’s impossible to pick themselves up and get back on their feet. Many want desperately to work, but can’t get a job because they don’t have an address — or, very simply, don’t have access to showers and bathrooms to care for themselves.

Without a good appearance, many homeless people know that no one will give them a second look for a job or home — despite being perfectly capable of working.

A recent experiment done by Dallas-based community activist Laterras R. Whitfield recently drew attention to the profound invisibility that homeless people experience, due to how they look.

As part of his ‘HomeBless Life’ video series, Laterras took a 70-year-old homeless man who goes by the name of Pops and gave him a makeover. First they filmed Pops on the street before his makeover, trying to engage other pedestrians with a plea for directions while unshaven and dressed shabbily.

Then they gave Pops a haircut, shower, massage, shave and new clothes and put him back on the street to ask for directions. Watch what happens in the video below — your eyes will open when you see the difference between the old Pops and new one, and how people treat him…

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