Tiger cubs face death when mother abandons them, are saved when keepers shower them with love.

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Tiger cubs face death when mother abandons them, are saved when keepers shower them with love.

Siberian tigers are a rare and endangered species, set to disappear from the planet in a matter of years. The situation makes each birth of an endangered animal both joyous and critical to the species’ survival.

So when a Siberian tiger gave birth to five cubs at a breeding center in China, it was cause for celebration, especially for a species that has only an estimated 350-450 animals left in the wild.

Sadly, though, the mother of the tigers rejected them and refused to bond with her litter — a common practice in the wild. The babies’ handlers decided to take matters in their own hands and care of the cubs themselves.

It’s hard work: they have to be bottle-fed every three hours, but thanks to the handlers’ love and care, the cubs are growing steadily. They even have names: Dongdon, Beibei, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini.

Happily, the center preports that a total of 150 Siberian tiger cubs will be born by the end of the summer in 2017.

Watch the five cubs’ story below, and see signs of hope for a rare, beautiful species…

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