A SpaceX test pilot goes back in time to see his cancer-stricken wife before she dies.

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A SpaceX test pilot goes back in time to see his cancer-stricken wife before she dies.

A brilliant yet brash tech billionaire announces that he’s discovered the key to time travel and begins to audition the best test pilots from around the world to be our first “chrononauts.”

Brandon Carlyle applies to become the first time traveler, carrying a deep regret and hope of reuniting with his deceased wife. Caught in the midst of mass public uproar and a rising moral dilemma, he studies the cause-and-effect consequences of changing the past.

Will he attempt to change his own fate or work toward the greater good of humanity?

“This is a proof of concept ‘pitch film’ for a feature screenplay,” Carey said. “It was shot with a small team to communicate the concept and story.”

The distance between life and death isn’t so great at 2:01…

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