Fascinating video shows how everyday sounds trigger veterans with PTSD.

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Fascinating video shows how everyday sounds trigger veterans with PTSD.

A shocking number of veterans come back from combat zones with post-traumatic stress disorder — a condition that can disrupt their daily lives, relationships and sense of peace and safety, making it hard to re-enter everyday life.

And even that everyday life is full of triggers that can flood a vet’s system with stress and anxiety. There’s no sense of respite from the constant edginess of PTSD, especially as everyday sounds can remind vets of being in a warzone.

One video is drawing attention to this particular experience, showing how the sounds of war can echo in the sounds of everyday life.

Sounds of bombs dropping, buildings exploding, guns firing find their way back in civilian life as the form of car alarms going off, fireworks exploding, balloons popping and more.

The video was created by the David Lynch Foundation, which is devoted to spreading the practice of meditation to the masses. Founded by the legendary namesake film director, the Foundation offers a simple meditation program for military personnel to relieve symptoms of PTSD, depression and stress.

With one-in-five Iraq and Afghanistan veterans estimated to suffer — often in silence — from PTSD or depression, it’s important we not only remove the stigma of seeking help, but understand and empathize with what’s happening to them.

See the eye-opening video below, and step inside the shoes of those who fight so we don’t have to…

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