Elliot by Dennis Sungmin Kim

An elephant learns to see life differently through a series of intimate and colorful experiences.

Animator Dennis Sungmin Kim tells the tale of an elephant that learns to see the colors in life.

Elliot works in a dull office, daydreaming about something more in life. One day, his rodent friend invites him to see his project — a machine that can read and capture thoughts and display it on a screen.

One evening, Rhett introduced Elliot to another elephant named Ellie. Together, the two of them share a series of intimate and colorful experiences. They begin to fall in love until one day, Ellie tells Elliot she’s lost her feelings for him.

Slowly, he’s forced to learn to see life through a different lens.

The short consists of over 1,600 individually hand-drawn frames, taking around over six months for completion.

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