Here’s why the American flag is reversed on military uniforms.

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Here’s why the American flag is reversed on military uniforms.

Military personnel may often make the most direct sacrifices for their country. Their very work is a reflection of the importance of patriotism in their lives.

But their uniforms have a strange feature that seems at odds with this: the flags are actually reversed on their uniform.

Author Tim Marshall, who wrote ‘Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of Flags,’ recently explained just why this is so. In a nutshell, the U.S. flag must always fly forward, and must never be seen in retreat.

As soldiers march forward, the stars are in the right hand corner — not the typical left — so that the flag remains in its prestigious position.

Listen to Tim expound on this tradition below, and appreciate the thought that goes into honoring an enduring symbol of the U.S….

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