Student asks why he’s always tired. Teacher comes back with this epic video.

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Student asks why he’s always tired. Teacher comes back with this epic video.

Teachers are the beacon in a child’s classroom, guiding the learning and connecting with each student to build confidence and relationships.

But they also do a lot of unseen work as well. Many get to school early to prepare their rooms and leave late to clean up, attend meetings and grade homework.

Many take a lot of time and care preparing lessons for the future. And many pay out of their own pocket for supplies and aids that they use to help their students grasp important lessons.

Michigan-based teacher Trevor Muir drew attention to the extra work teachers do in a video he recorded in response to his students asking him why teachers say they’re so tired all the time.

He put together a list of all the reasons that teachers are so drained, and drew attention to all the extra things educators do to help kids learn. They stop bullying, clean up the classroom, discipline students, be alert for abuse and try to help students who struggle with poverty, broken families, hunger and more.

But he also puts together reasons why it’s all worth it. Watch Trevor’s video below, and be more deeply grateful for the work your favorite teachers did — and how it impacts you now…

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