This is what fruits and vegetables looked like before human intervention.

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This is what fruits and vegetables looked like before human intervention.

Summer season is ripe with fruits like watermelons, bananas and more. But as you tear into delicious fruits and vegetables, you might not realize you’re tasting the results of 10,00 years of human intervention.

Many fruits and veggies looked radically different before humans began practicing agriculture.

As farming techniques developed, farmers discovered ways to make produce taste better, be more nutritious, grow in different environments and reduce the number of seeds in them.

Take bananas. Today they are long, yellow and sweet, but the original plants 7,000 years ago were green, stocky and hard, and huge seeds dotted the interior flesh.

Watch the video below to discover some of the differences between modern-day fruits and vegetables and their ancient counterparts — it might just blow your mind…

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