Woman finds puppy abandoned in airport bathroom, then reads owner’s note about boyfriend’s abuse.

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Woman finds puppy abandoned in airport bathroom, then reads owner’s note about boyfriend’s abuse.

Leaving an abusive situation can be extraordinarily difficult for women. Sometimes they have nowhere to go. Sometimes they can’t take anything with them and have to start completely over, with no money or resources. And sometimes they have to leave everything behind.

That’s the case of one woman who had to leave her 3-month-old dog behind in an airport as she escaped an abusive boyfriend.

She couldn’t afford the additional fees for pets beyond her airfare and had no other choice than to leave her puppy Chewy in the bathroom, though it broke her heart.

She couldn’t leave Chewy behind with the abusive ex, explaining in a note left behind that he abused the dog as well on at least one occasion. Chewy, she believed, would be safer away from the ex. “I love Chewy sooo much,” she wrote. “Please love and take care of him.”

Someone found Chewy and took him to a shelter, Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue, where he found care and stability.

Chewy was found to be healthy and the shelter is sifting through adoption offers for him now, in the hopes of giving Chewy a safe, happy home… like the one his former owner will hopefully have in the future.

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