A camera filmed a tree for a year… here’s what it saw.

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A camera filmed a tree for a year… here’s what it saw.

Trees seem to live a relatively unexciting life. They don’t move. They grow very slowly. Their lives can span hundreds of years of…not very much.

Two Italian photographers have proved the opposite, however, with a unique video. Bruno D’Amicis and Umberto Esposito aimed their camera at a single beech tree in Italy’s National Park of Abruzzo for over the course of a year, and captured a wide slice of forest life showing just how action-packed and diverse nature is.

A bear cub explores with its mother. Deer follow each other, and an Italian wolf urinates next to a bush. The footage is both intimate and matter-of-fact — and all centered around a tree.

D’Amicis said the pair chose a tree because it served as a crossroads in the forest — bears rub their backs against them to mark their territory, for instance. They wanted to capture animals in “ways that the public don’t normally get to see,” they told National Geographic.

D’Amicis told the Daily Mail, “I am glad that many people can understand the importance of those unique forests and realize that even in a country like Italy, so densely populated, there is still an abundance of wildlife worth preserving.”

Watch the video below and see a singular take on wildlife…

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