Mom is disfigured by campfire, then husband dumps her… but he doesn’t expect her comeback.

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Mom is disfigured by campfire, then husband dumps her… but he doesn’t expect her comeback.

On a September day in 2016, Courtney Waldon’s husband went to put gas on the fire. Suddenly it shot up, covering Courtney in flames.

The new mom was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered over 40 percent of her face and body was covered in burns. Courtney was in intense pain, and had to eventually undergo seven surgeries and several skin grafts. She spent 51 days in the burn unit.

Courtney’s bad luck didn’t end there. Two weeks after she got out of the hospital, her husband abandoned her and her 4-year-old daughter Caroline. Now Courtney also had no source of income, and with her severe burns covering her hands and limbs, she might never work again.

With medical bills piling up, Courtney and Caroline lost her house, and their pair became homeless.

Luckily, Courtney’s community rallied to help Courtney and her daughter. Watch the video below to see what they did for her and watch a courageous, resourceful mother have her faith in humanity restored…

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