Abused puppies dyed pink and left for dead, then volunteers spot them in forest.

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Abused puppies dyed pink and left for dead, then volunteers spot them in forest.

The sight was strange and unbelievable at first.

Rescuers were shocked to discover two shocking pink Samoyed dogs wandering in a forest near a seaside resort town in Russia. They had been abandoned by their owners, who had dyed them the unusual color and charged tourists to have their photos taken with them as puppies.

But puppies grow up to become dogs, and since they weren’t raking in the same amount of money as before, the owners left them in the woods with no food or shelter.

Rescuers took the pair to a shelter in Moscow, where their injuries were taken care of. The dogs’ skin suffered inflammation and eczema, likely as a result of the dye. Medical exams revealed the dogs had been shot at.

Luckily the dogs found care and comfort in the shelter and eventually found forever homes. See the video to see them in action below, and remember to create a kinder world for creatures everywhere…

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