An ancient city that locals believed ‘giants’ inhabited, has been discovered in Ethiopia.

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An ancient city that locals believed ‘giants’ inhabited, has been discovered in Ethiopia.

A forgotten city has been discovered in eastern Ethiopia — one inhabited in the past by giants, locals believe.

Locals myths about giants sprung up because the buildings and walls of the city were built with large stone blocks that couldn’t be lifted by ordinary humans.

Archaeologists haven’t discovered any evidence of giants, but the team — led by professor Timothy Insoll from University of Exeter — have uncovered many fascinating artifacts in the two years they’ve spent on the site, located in the Harlaa region.

They’ve discovered a 12th century mosque, for instance, as well as items from Egypt, India and China ranging over the course of several centuries.

These prove that the city they uncovered was once a bustling center of trade, rich and cosmopolitan — and expands our understanding how just how far trade changed and connected the world.

“This discovery revolutionizes our understanding of trade in an archaeologically neglected part of Ethiopia,” Professor Insoll told the BBC. “What we have found shows this area was the center of trade in that region.”

See the video below to learn more about this fascinating discovery — it’s intriguing, even if there are no giants involved…

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