Car shop owner removes racist graffiti for free, says ‘something I had to do’.

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Car shop owner removes racist graffiti for free, says ‘something I had to do’.

The mechanics at Collision Masters were just going about their busy day at work when Henry King pulled in with his vehicle. The shop came to a halt as they saw his car.

Henry’s silver truck was covered in racial slurs and messages on all sides, emblazoned in bright orange spray paint.

The owner of the Buffalo, New York-based shop, Frank Todaro, immediately shifted course. “I looked at it and shook my head looked right at him and I says you are not leaving until I get rid of that for you,” he told WGRZ.

The entire crew at the shop stopped what they were doing and worked on the car. With all of them pitching in, it took only half an hour to remove the graffiti.

“My initial reaction was complete shock,” Michael Nash, the shop’s lead painter, told WGRZ. “I was concerned about the image of Buffalo itself, I don’t think there’s any place for that. My main concern was taking care of the guy, making sure he’s OK.”

The job was normally $700, but Frank gave it to Henry for free.

Word got around about the shop’s care and quick action. Even the city’s mayor visited the shop and brought a pizza lunch with him.

See the video below to hear more of Henry and Frank’s story, and watch a stellar example of what it means to be a good neighbor…

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