Stepdad breaks down after adoption surprise from stepson.

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Stepdad breaks down after adoption surprise from stepson.

For the past seven years, 20-year-old Tyler Dukes has become close to his stepdad Blake. Blake came into Tyler’s life when he was 13, and gave Tyler a sense of closeness, trust and love at a pivotal time in his life.

“They’ve been extremely close and you couldn’t tell they weren’t biological,” Tyler’s mom Angela Wilson said.

Tyler wanted to honor Blake by taking his last name. In order to do so, Blake had to formally adopt Tyler, though Tyler was technically an adult.

Tyler decided to surprise Blake, first by giving him a framed photo of the pair, which had a message on it.
“Some people would say you’re not my real dad, but we know this isn’t true,” Tyler wrote. “For you’ve been a real dad to me in all the things we’ve been through… Although we’re not tied by bloodlines, the love and trust you’ve given me is a precious gift.”

But Tyler had also taped a special envelope on the back. Watch the moment Tyler surprised Blake with adoption papers, and witness just how families are built by only blood, but by love…

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