This 26-year-old model wears her ‘wrinkles’ with pride.

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This 26-year-old model wears her ‘wrinkles’ with pride.

Sara Geurts is not a typical model. Yes, the 26-year-old is tall and thin. But she also has skin like very few people have seen.

She has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare disease that gives her soft, saggy skin and fragile joints and muscles. Though Sara doesn’t experience the most extreme symptoms, like dislocated joints, she still has severe pain and her skin tears easily.

Sara also experienced the extreme insecurity that comes from looking different as she grew up.

“I would say my, my biggest insecurity with Ehlers-Danlos would have been my skin. From being out in public and wearing tank tops and dresses and shorts. As I got older it, it just kind of started to show more and more.”

But at age 22, Sara gree tired of hiding. She embraced her appearance, submitting her photo to a Tumblr on body positivity. Her picture went viral, which gave her the courage to model more, especially as the industry opens up.

“We are in the generation of albinism models. We have melanin models. We have vitiligo models. We have plus size models. And those are all fabulous things. But the one thing that we are really missing are people with disorders within our everyday commercials.”

Watch Sara tell her story in the video below — and see how the happiest ending is all about self-love…

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