Mom sells stillborn son’s crib at garage sale. 1 week later, the buyer returns with a surprise.

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Mom sells stillborn son’s crib at garage sale. 1 week later, the buyer returns with a surprise.

For many women, the pain of a stillborn baby is a particularly painful grief. Not only is she giving the death of a child, she is also mourning the future of a life that will never happen.

Valerie Watts knew this grief well. Just days before she was due to give birth, she found out her son, whom she had named Noah, was stillborn.

Valerie was so devastated by her loss that she couldn’t bring herself to put away the nursery she had assembled for her baby for at least a year.

By May 2014, she worked up enough strength to sell the baby items. She held a garage sale, where an older man named Gerald bought Noah’s unused crib. He liked restoring old furniture and thought the crib would be a fun project. But he puzzled at Valerie’s hesitancy in selling it. He assumed Valerie’s sale was to sell things a child had outgrown, and had no idea of the real reason behind it.

But Gerald’s wife had talked to Valerie and found out the tragic reason behind the sale. She told Gerald in the car on the way home, and once Gerald learned Valerie’s story, they decided to take the crib back.

But Gerald knew the crib itself was a painful symbol for Valerie — so before he returned it to Valerie, he took a week and turned it into a bench memorializing Noah. He returned to Valerie with the bench, bringing her to tears.

“It’s amazing, and there’s good people out there, there’s proof,” she told Fox9.

See the video below to hear more of Valerie’s story, and watch just how people can give each other compassion, even when they are strangers…

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