Couple adopts dog before meeting him. When the trailer door opens to reveal him, they lose it.

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Couple adopts dog before meeting him. When the trailer door opens to reveal him, they lose it.

Adopting a pet is often like shopping. Most people will ‘meet’ dogs and cats at shelters, with breeders or at other venues, handling animals and seeing if they’re a good fit on many levels.

Texas-based animal rescue group Tracy’s Dogs does things a little differently. The group, founded by Tracy Whyatt and her husband Scott, travels around the state and collects dogs from kill shelters.

Then she takes them to another state for adoption. They’ve saved over 3,700 dogs, helping them find their forever homes.

Potential families fill out applications, which then are matched with a dog. Then the dogs are loaded into a trailer and taken to PetSmart parking lots across the country, where their new owners wait to meet them.

Watch the video below to learn more about Tracy’s Dogs, see their good work in action — and witness some wonderfully emotional moments as families meet their dogs for the very first time…

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