A film student just made one of the best animations ever. Wow.

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A film student just made one of the best animations ever. Wow.

Communication University of China student Shawn Wang tells the story of two robots sent to a remote planet to determine if it can sustain life.

The two rovers work as a team — Orange is smarter and braver and carries out complicated tasks, while Blue is simpler and is responsible for transporting the samples.

They start the day setting down pods to test the soil. Unfortunately, nothing is suitable for life. All the pods have failed and they only have one remaining.

Suddenly, a meteor shower rains down upon them. As they dodge and weave the chaos, they become separated.

Orange sees failed pods on the ground and follows the trail into a large, smoldering crater.

Meanwhile, Blue finds his way out of the dangerous terrain — but realizes his friend is missing.

As Orange descends into the crater, he sees the remaining pod. He rushes to retrieve it, but suddenly, another meteor shower strikes. Orange quickly loads the pod. But as he flees. a meteor lands in front of him, hurling him into a free fall.

All seems lost. Then, Blue appears and shoots out a wire to catch Orange, saving him from destruction.

With the danger behind them, they slowly roll into the sunlight. They look down at the remaining pod and discover a small sprout.

Mission accomplished.

See the moment it all goes wrong at 6:31…

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