A street artist isolated himself painting for years. What he created is rocking the fashion world.

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A street artist isolated himself painting for years. What he created is rocking the fashion world.

As a child, Bradley Theodore wanted to be an artist. But he didn’t know how to paint. When he grew up, he became involved in the graffiti scene. Street art wasn’t thought of as art back then — he did it for fun.

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Then, three years ago, he suffered through the darkest moments of his life. That’s when he decided to learn to paint. Other artists wouldn’t show their techniques to him, so he taught himself by watching videos online.

This painting will be auctioned at the 2014 Community-Word Project's 14th Annual Benefit on March 31 communitywordproject.org @communitywordproject

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One of his first works was a portrait of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, which would go on to make him one of the most famous celebrity artists. Now, he often paints fashion icons, such as Kate Moss as a skeleton. But he also has murals of Prince and Bill Clinton.

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This story is a testament to how you can turn your life around through sheer dedication to self-teaching and self-promotion.

Take your photos now!!!!!! because the cops want this gone!!! They are putting us under enormous pressure!!!!!! You can't believe it…. They are forcing the people to call 311 but…they love my work hahahah #bradleytheodore #buff #bff @marcjacobsintl @nevillejacobs @huffpoststyle #instacool #instamood #instadaily

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Be inspired at 2:14…

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