Teen calls 911 about running away from home, then cop sees his bedroom and jumps into action.

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Teen calls 911 about running away from home, then cop sees his bedroom and jumps into action.

In spring of 2014, the police in Sumter, South Carolina got an unusual 911 call. A 13-year-old said he was thinking of running away from home. An officer, Gaetano Acerra, was dispatched to deal with the situation.

Gaetano simply listened as the boy, whose name was Cameron Simmons, complained about his mom yelling at him for using his older brother’s gaming system. Then Gaetano walked Cameron home, where he was shocked to see the boy’s room was completely unfurnished.

“It was just empty. He had his clothes on the ground in a black garbage bag,” Gaetano said. “I asked him where he sleeps and he said, ‘Sometime on the couch and sometimes on a blow-up mattress.'”

Gaetano learned that the family had just moved to the area to help a sick relative, and were having trouble getting on their feet.

The officer decided to help the family out, helping to furnish Cameron’s room. A few weeks later, Gaetano returned to Cameron’s house, bringing a bed, TV, desk, chair and even a used Wii system.

Once others heard of Gaetano’s kindness, Cameron received more donations, including a bike, air hockey table, and even furniture for Cameron’s brother’s room.

“I didn’t expect this, and I’m not one to gloat or brag or even ask for help, but with all these people standing behind us, we can change a lot of lives,” Gaetano said.

See the video below to see more of Gaetano and Cameron’s story, and watch how simple it can be to go above and beyond for someone, even a stranger…

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