A Hollywood artist made a stunning sci-fi short about a dark future that you have to see.

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A Hollywood artist made a stunning sci-fi short about a dark future that you have to see.

Artist and designer Ash Thorp tells the story of a grim, dystopian future where humans are hunted.

Our heroine, Xeh, runs in slow motion — the desolate landscape crunching beneath the echo of her footsteps. She turns back, showing glimpses of fear. She’s being chased.

The hunter, Lost Boy, sits and observes. He has a chilling calm to his demeanor — his visor glowing red.

Xeh runs as fast as she can to gain distance.

Then, a gong strikes and Lost Boy begins to give chase. As he effortlessly gains ground on Xeh, she realizes she can’t outrun him. So she decides to hide amid the rocky landscape.

She sneaks around the jagged terrain to avoid him, but her hand accidentally brushes against one of the rocks, causing it to crumble to the ground, revealing her location.

In a last ditch effort, she sprints into the open. But Lost Boy easily pulls her to the ground. She resists, but she’s no match for him. He slowly tightens his grip on her neck and the life in her face passes by.

As he touches her face, a glow of energy is revealed. Lightning begins to strike and Lost Boy rises with a newfound sense of strength. Meanwhile, Xeh’s smoldering skeleton is all that remains.

Lost Boy then walks over and looks out into the flatlands, searching for his next target.

Surprise at 3:00…

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