Bullies mock teen’s appearance, but after mom allows plastic surgery, he looks so different.

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Bullies mock teen’s appearance, but after mom allows plastic surgery, he looks so different.

Ryan had always been teased about his ears, ever since 6th grade when the other kids called him ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Little Elf.’

But when Ryan started high school, the teasing turned into full-fledged bullying, which destroyed his confidence. He even begged his mom to be homeschooled, instead of facing his tormentors at school.

His mother realized just how bad the bullying had become. More than 160,000 kids a year stay home from school to avoid bullying, and she didn’t want him to become another statistic.

Ryan was convinced plastic surgery to fix his ears would help, but the family couldn’t afford the costs of the procedure. But the family got some help from ‘The Doctors’, and the results are dramatic.

See the video below to see a sad story of bullying, and how far one boy had to go to escape it…

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