An armed robber pulls a gun in a convenience store. Then, a stoner with the munchies walks in.

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An armed robber pulls a gun in a convenience store. Then, a stoner with the munchies walks in.

Filmmaker Luke Davies tells the story of Milo, a stoner with a severe case of the munchies, who runs into thugs robbing a gas station.

Two armed robbers, Callum and Anthony, run into a convenience store and pull a gun on the clerk. Outside, a third, Kea, keeps watch. Everything goes according to plan.

Suddenly, a car pulls up. Inside, Milo, Curly and Beanie debate who goes in to buy some snacks. Curly and Beanie pick Milo without hesitation — and Milo frustrated. He’s fed up and draws the line. But Curly and Beanie don’t budge, either.

Grudgingly, Milo goes in.

As Callum and Anthony threaten the terrified clerk, Milo bursts in. Callum approaches with the gun drawn, threatening to shoot. But Milo just stands there — with his back to him, hood up. He doesn’t realize he’s in danger. Milo has headphones on and doesn’t hear Callum shouting at him.

Callum continues to threaten Milo, telling him to leave immediately. But Milo ignores the demands as he browses magazines.

Then, Curly and Beanie realize they’re out of rolling papers.

As the tension builds, Milo finally says something — but his attitude is hostile, taking Callum by surprise. Milo is talking to Curly and Beanie back in the car, who’ve asked him to pick up extra rolling papers. Milo puts his foot down and refuses. Callum mistakenly thinks Milo is talking back. And he’s shocked.

Milo continues to argue with Curly and Beanie, and the tension with Callum escalates.

Kea sees Curly talking on the phone and suspects he’s calling the cops. When she runs in the store to warn them, Callum gets spooked and accidentally shoots her.

Milo hears the gunshot and pulls off his hood and headphones. He turns to see the thugs running to their car and driving away. Then, he asks the clerk for some rolling papers.

Not all heroes wear capes at 4:08…

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