What Jim Carrey has learned after heartbreak and a new love for painting.

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What Jim Carrey has learned after heartbreak and a new love for painting.

Jim Carrey has been through the ups and downs of show business during his tenure as Hollywood’s go-to funnyman.

He’s seen popular success in movies like ‘Dumb & Dumber’. He’s gotten critical acclaim for turns in films like ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. But he’s also struggled to stay relevant and suffered through some box office bombs, which lowered his currency in the movie industry.

But nothing flattened his spirit like getting his heart broken. Six years ago, he experienced indescribable heartbreak. But he found his way out — not through escapism or material success, but through self-expression.

Jim discovered painting, and found a way to express the complexity of emotions that his acting rarely gave voice to.

See the video below to hear more of Jim’s story, and watch a man discover more sides to himself and come out a better person…

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